Looking for a change this year? Choose some of the following popular décor and home trends to update the look of your home. What’s nice about the ideas below is that even though these are the trends this year, they’re also classic trends which means they’ll still be in style for many years. Whether you like to change things up every year or like to have the same décor for years, the following are awesome trends you can follow this year.

Wonder Woman Copper
The natural copper shine gives off a luxurious and chic vibe. Changing your fixtures from chrome to copper will give your home classy elegance. Small tables under featured wall décor with copper legs or tops are becoming popular pieces. Displayed copper kitchenware paired with copper range hoods also will lift the kitchen from boring to fabulous.

Ceramic White
If you’re one for knick-knacks, choose interesting white ceramics for décor. If you come upon a piece that you like but in a different colour, you can paint it bright white yourself. The ceramic pieces can be functional and decorative at the same time. For example, a bowl can be used to house keys or candy. The taller cylindrical pieces can be used as vases. Just make sure they can hold water for fresh flowers. When not in use, they can be put on a shelf to be displayed for their beauty.

Magnificent Marble
There are wallpaper designs that imitate marble really well if you can’t afford the real thing. The natural marble stone look brightens the area it’s in and cool white décor pieces blend seamlessly in with a background of marble. It’s perfect for a feature wall or makeup area to bring in a feel of glitz and glamour.

In the Navy Blue
Navy blue is a go-to house classic and lends drama to any home when mixed with white or red. It will bring the colour of the deep ocean to your home.

Going Green
Having a balcony garden on your beach house, condominium, or apartment balcony is on trend. Grow anything in planters from vegetables to flowering bushes. If that’s not enough green, another popular home colour trend for this year is also a happy-bright green. Just check with your painters like Professional Painting Brisbane at http://www.professionalpaintingbrisbane.com.au/ to be sure you’ve got the right green paint.

Furniture and décor pieces with texture and not a flat plastic feel is the goal for decorators recently. This trend works as soft textures are comforting and relaxing. Think of mixed fabric pillows or velvet couches. Floor rugs either sheepskin, plush, or woven from natural sources are also great sources to add texture to a home and give comfort to your feet.

Compact Designs
People are becoming increasingly in love with simpler living and living in tiny spaces. It’s been a great solution to economic turbulence. Less is more and people are finding it a better way of life. They’re looking to design spaces and areas that are highly functional yet can be put away or stored when not in use or be a multifunctional space.