Home decoration is something that you really need to carefully think about because if you wind up with the wrong decision then you will be living with those results for an indefinite period of time unless you are willing to start all over again, which means you’ll be spending more money, more time and more energy than intended. We’re pretty sure you don’t want that. Nobody does.


When it comes to home decorating, one of the first things that homeowners consider is the color of their walls. Completely changing the color of your walls will have a huge impact on the overall aesthetics of your home. This explains why as early as now, if you are thinking about giving your home a makeover then you need to do your fair share of research so you won’t end up in regret.


One of the biggest dilemmas of homeowners is choosing between wallpaper and paint. A lot of homeowners are tempted to pick the former over the latter because with wallpaper you can choose any print and any design you want. If you want a pink princess theme for your baby girl’s room, you’ll have countless of options to choose from. But is it really better? Our verdict is the opposite. We think paint is better than wallpaper and we’ll explain to you why.


The thing about wallpaper is that overtime it will peel off especially if you live in tropical countries wherein summers are typically very, very hot. If you’re going to go for wallpaper, you really have to do regular maintenance to keep it from falling off the wall.


Another disadvantage of wallpaper is that it takes more time to put it on compared to paint and it takes twice as much time to remove it. It’s going to be a real inconvenience on your part if you grow tired of your wallpaper and decide that you want to remove it. This means redoing everything all over again. And remember, peeling off wallpaper is a very tedious task especially if it covers a large area of your home.


Also, if you want to use the same wallpaper it’s going to be difficult because just like fashion, wallpaper designs come and go. If you are using a particular wallpaper now it’s best if you hoard them because if you decide to reapply the same design after let’s say five to six years, you will not find that same wallpaper design five to six years later. And so you’ll have no other choice but to choose a different design. In other words, you’ll be compelled to start all over again.


So why choose paint? One, painting your walls is easier and quicker compared to applying wallpapers. It’s also relatively cheaper in terms of cost compared to wallpaper. In addition, paint is easier to change compared to removing wallpaper.


Aside from changing the color of walls, to keep your home looking beautiful you also need to make sure to keep your windows clean. What is nicely painted home when your windows are covered in dust and grime? If you truly are going to do a general makeover, consider contacting CCC Window Cleaning. They offer window-cleaning services to ensure that your home looks brand new! This is especially helpful for homeowners who intend to beautify their homes in the hopes of selling it for a good price.