Residential Painting

Patio Design Painting cares about the beauty of your home. Because of this, we adhere to the industry‚Äôs highest standards regarding the painting of your home. We only use high-quality products and apply them under conditions dictated by the manufacturer’s specifications. Below you will find the steps we employ to guarantee an attractive and long-lasting product.

Power wash

Patio Design Painting arrives at your home before the commencement of painting or staining to clean your house or chalet. This is done to free all surfaces of soil and different contaminants that will hinder item attachment.

We don’t utilize control washing as methods for ridding your home of all loose paint (although some inevitably will occur). Be careful the individual who reveals to you the power wash will remove all the free paint particularly on wood and hardboard. A power washer disgracefully utilized will debase your wood siding by raising the grain or tearing gouges out of your siding.